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德国TSE Systems 公司简介
TSE Systems 德国总公司成立于1886 年,是一家拥有125 年生产生物实验设备的专业技术公司。我们已经发展为全球生命科学市场中场的技术研究仪器供应商。




TSE Systems GmbH 的领导地位体现在成为处理第一个脑电图 (EEG) 遥测系统和用于支气管研究的“呼吸参数系统测量”方面的先驱。TSE Systems 还提供了第一个完全自动化的大鼠活动测量系统和完整的自动化行为范式。

今天,TSE Systems 公司的总部位于德国和美国。TSE Systems GmbH 欧洲/亚洲总部位于德国巴特洪堡,TSE Systems, Inc. 北美总部现在位于密苏里州切斯特菲尔德。

随着 TSE Systems GmbH 成为具有全球网络覆盖范围的欧洲市场领导者;北美研究人员和制药公司将联系德国的 TSE Systems,以利用我们的技术和能力。随着北美对设备和支持需求的增加,TSE Systems GmbH 意识到他们无法提供来自德国的客户和技术支持水平,这一直是该公司 100 多年来的标志。

因此,公司于 1999 年在北美建立了分销网络,以提高我们产品的市场知名度并支持当前客户的需求。随着 TSE Systems 的创新技术越来越被接受,TSE Systems GmbH 意识到要成为他们所服务的细分市场的市场领导者,从而全面致力于北美市场,并于 2004 年成立了一家独立的美国公司:“TSE Systems , Inc.” 在密歇根州米德兰。

自 TSE Systems, Inc. 成立以来,该业务每年都经历了两位数的增长,以支持我们在所服务的每个市场上成为第一制造商的目标。

基于这一增长和北美客户业务的持续扩张,TSE Systems, Inc. 于 2008 年 6 月将业务迁至切斯特菲尔德,以支持北美不断增长的需求。在同一时期,TSE Systems GmbH 成为两个欧盟资助项目 RATstream™ 和 PhenoScale 项目的主要参与者。

如今,TSE Systems, Inc. 是一家独立于 European TSE Systems GmbH 的公司。




Introduction to TSE systems in Germany
     Tse systems Germany, founded in 1886, is a professional technology company with 125 years of production of biological experimental equipment. We have developed into a technology research instrument supplier in the global life science market.

We have a complete market management model and overall after-sales service. Our core is to provide complete customer solutions, design and integrate hardware and software platforms, and provide experimental platforms for neuroscience, animal behavior, drug screening and toxicology. Some of our products have become experimental equipment in the EU. Our technology, high-quality products and perfect service maintain the best manufacturer now.

Our slogan is: reform and innovation, successful popularization, quality and achievement

The history of the company can be traced back to 1886, when it was established in Thuringia, Germany. From the beginning, we have developed into a leading supplier of advanced research instruments in the global life science market. Our focus is to provide complete customer solutions and provide modular design of integrated hardware and software platforms for neuroscience, phenotypic analysis, drug screening and toxicology. Our corporate goal is to become the recognized first manufacturer of high-precision products in each market we serve.

Tse Systems GmbH's leadership is reflected in becoming a pioneer in processing the first electroencephalogram (EEG) telemetry system and "respiratory parameter system measurement" for bronchial research. Tse systems also provides the first fully automated rat activity measurement system and a complete automated behavior paradigm.

Today, TSE systems is headquartered in Germany and the United States. Tse Systems GmbH is headquartered in Europe / Asia in butterhumburg, Germany, and the North American headquarters of TSE systems, Inc. is now located in Chesterfield, Missouri.

With TSE Systems GmbH becoming a European market leader with global network coverage; North American researchers and pharmaceutical companies will contact TSE systems in Germany to take advantage of our technology and capabilities. With the increasing demand for equipment and support in North America, TSE Systems GmbH realized that they could not provide customers and technical support from Germany, which has been the symbol of the company for more than 100 years.

Therefore, the company established a distribution network in North America in 1999 to improve the market awareness of our products and support the needs of current customers. With the increasing acceptance of TSE systems' innovative technology, TSE Systems GmbH realized that it wanted to become a market leader in the market segment they served, so it was fully committed to the North American market. In 2004, it established an independent American company: "TSE systems, Inc." in Midland, Michigan.

Since the establishment of TSE systems, Inc., the business has experienced double-digit growth every year to support our goal of becoming the first manufacturer in each market we serve.
based on this growth and the continued expansion of North American customer business, TSE systems, Inc. moved its business to Chesterfield in June 2008 to support the growing demand in North America. During the same period, TSE Systems GmbH became two EU funded projects ratstream ™  And the phenoscale project.

Today, TSE systems, Inc. is an independent company from European TSE systems GmbH.

Today, the two enterprises cooperate with each other to develop and manufacture high-quality products that meet German engineering design and quality standards.

The purpose of this website is to introduce our team to you and show you our wide range of high-precision instruments. We look forward to discussing your exact product requirements with you.

No matter what you are looking for, we are happy to provide you with the right solution.

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